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Promoting your Chiropractic practice to potential customers takes work and persistence. Research shows that, on average, consumers need to see your message at least three times for them to have name recognition and recall, and nine times before they become a customer.

Our promotional products can be used to target new customers that know little about Chiropractic. We have many spine related shapes that will not only point them to your practice but also to the message of Chiropractic.

Our bent pens have a low per piece price and with its unique bent shape it can be used as a door opener to talk to a potential client about subluxation. These pens are very popular and used by patients of Chiropractic around the world.



We offer products that can be used to teach your patients about the importance of Chiropractic.

Our most recent addition is the Visit to the Chiropractor Coloring & Activity Book. This is a fun filled 16 page educational coloring and activity book that covers many of the problems that occur when your body is out of sync. It explains treatment and prevention of health related problems and has a large imprint area on the front cover for your logo, slogan and contact information. If you provide care for children, parents or soon to be parents they will greatly appreciate this fun gift!

Our Spine Pen or Spine Key Chain is a great patient education tool. It is an anatomically correct 3-dimensional model of the spine. The spine pens are very popular among Chiropractors and this is one of those products that you will want to reorder again and again!



Customers who receive promotional products, on average, return sooner and more frequently, and spend more money than customers who receive coupons. Customers who received promotional products reordered more quickly and ordered more often that of those who received no promotional products.

Rewarding your patients with a premium gift such as a Vertebrae Mug or Spine Coffee Mug clearly shows client appreciation and builds customer loyalty to gain those future visits. These attractive 13 ounce ceramic mugs have a unique spine or vertebrae shaped handle and it also features a large wrap-around imprint area for your logo and business information. Use this gift to tuck away a coupon or an instant hot beverage.



Promotional products help encourage to provide you with the names of friends and associates whom you can contact in the future. A 1993 study by Baylor University found that customers who receive promotional products are more willing to provide these leads than customers who don't receive promotional products.



Promotional products can increase traffic to an exhibitor's trade show booth. A 1991 study by Exhibit Survey Inc., found that using promotional products give you an advantage over other exhibitors for buyer attention.

Giving out the Adhesive Spinal Column Notepads is a very effective handout at tradeshows. These quality notepads are one of those functional gifts that people love to receive!

Giving out the Spine Key Tags is also a great gift idea for a trade show. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from and all of them point back to your profession and more specifically to you.



A study by Baylor University found that the use of promotional products when used in conjunction with a sales letter or as incentive to respond, can make a significant difference in direct mail response rates. The use of promotional products can also significantly improve a business' effectiveness in converting leads to sales appointments.

Our Spine Magnet is a great gift idea to include into your next direct mailing, it is light, flat and postal friendly. According to a Purdue University study that on average a person opens the refrigerator 20 times a day. That means if you promote your practice on a spine magnet your advertisement will be seen 7,300 times by one person in one year and 29,200 times by a family of four. Your customer's fridge will become a permanent billboard for your Chiropractic practice.

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